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Welcome to the Wonder World, Alisa!

	Alisa Momo Elfi Koch 

swam out to this Wonderful World last Monday, 16 June 2003 (*). 

She was born under the water, at our home, in the pool together with her 
daddy, and with the midwife "on the side".


The delivery was short and not too painful: it started at 5AM and it was 
in total 6.5 hours; the hardest bit was only for an hour and a half. The 
midwife barely made it, that's how fast everything went (we didn't even 
have time to call Nana, so she missed it). Thanks to the warm water in the 
pool, the massage and support from Camiel, instructions of the midwife, 
the breathing exercises ("puffing"), and of course thanks to me being very 
well prepared (ha! ;-), Alisa did not suffer too much on her way from the 
safety inside of the womb to the beauties of the new world. I also didn't 
suffer too much, and I didn't tear either.   

She is so lovely!! She is very sweet and quiet, making funny faces, eating 
and sleeping a lot (and shitting bucketsful), and hardly cries (except for 
the first three nights...)


	(thanks, tante Nana :)

	- web-site: http://alisa.shmizle.net
	- e-mail: alisa@shmizle.net
	(thanks, uncle Thijmen)


We are still getting used to each other and to the new rhythm, and need a 
lot of rest. Therefore we would welcome your visits after one more week 
(that is, in July). Please email to make a specific arrangement. Our 

Vesna Manojlovic, Camiel Koch, Alisa Koch
Egelantiersgracht 14-B (1015 RL, Amsterdam)
Phone: (+31) 020-6256553

(until then, we are mostly keeping the phones switched off, and not 
reading/answering email often)


Please don't bring any things!

What we appreciate most of all is *time* (and that they don't sell at HEMA 

If you want to be of help, the best is to *do* something for / with us 
(small errands / activities / favours).

However, if you still want to get us some _thing_, look at our 

(*) 11:25; 2,9kg; ~50 cm

Photos @ alisa.fotopic.net