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Welcome to the Wonder World, Alisa!

Alisa Momo Elfi Koch swam out to this Wonderful World on 16 June 2003.
She was born under the water, at our home, in Amsterdam.


From 20.8. till 10.9. we will be in Belgrade, and Croatia. 
I will read/answer email only after that.

August 16: Two monts old, Alisa is growing and having a lot of fun! She is
about 4.5 kilos, 54 cm, didn't loose her hair yet, and -- started smiling :)

7-14 August: The biggest adventure till now -- Landjuweel festival in Ruigoord

July 27: We had a little party for children, to celebrate the end 
of the important period: six weeks = "kraamtijd" (in Dutch) = "babinje" 
(in Serbian), which was conveniately on exactelly *42* days.
	The party photos: Mama & Nana, Hugh, Leo, Yella.

We had few visits -- see fotos of Alisa with friends

And for those who didn't manage to visit us, here is our "home sweet home".

Photos: http://alisa.fotopic.net (thanks, tante Nana :)

Cyber-girl's e-mail address alisa@shmizle.net 
and web-site: http://alisa.shmizle.net (thanks, uncle Thijmen)

Visits: Please email / phone to make an appointment. Our address:

Vesna Manojlovic, Camiel Koch, Alisa Koch
Egelantiersgracht 14-B (1015 RL, Amsterdam)
Phone: (+31) 020-6256553

Presents: Please don't bring any things!

If you want to be of help, the best is to *do* something for / with us 
(small errands / activities / favours).

However, if you still want to get us some _thing_, look at our wish-list

Photos @ alisa.fotopic.net
Links: BECHA home, BEBa/y page, Prvo pismo, First letter to friends