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Thursday, 3. January 2008, I had the regular midwife checkup, and 
everything was fine: my health, her size, her heartbeat... 

Tuesday, 8. January 2008, Camiel and  me went to Bussum, and Peter Pontiac 
pained a big blackberry-belly-painting on me, with Alisa as a Ladybug and 
Charlie as a Bumblebee on it. While he was painting, baby (still without a 
name) was moving sometimes, as if taking part :-) 
At home, we made a movie of the movements under the "braam". 

Wednesday, 9. January 2008, we celebrated Mileva's birthday with the 
dinenr in "Cafe Amsterdam".

Saturday, 12. January 2008 I took a bath, washed off the painting, and saw 
the belly moving - the last time that I was paying attention, that I was 
aware of, and that I could remember later. 

Sunday, 13. January 2008, we went to Efteling. I was walking too much and 
got very tired, and my legs and my back and my belly were all hurting for 
another two days. I was a bit worried, and angry at myself, but I still 
thought that everything is fine. 

Monday, 14  January 2008, I had a massage with Reintje. It felt very good, 
altho my body was still tired from too much walking. I still went shopping 
afterwards, but I had to call Camiel to fetch me with the bike from the 
Zeilstraat, because I could not walk so good any more. 

(Nana told me that Mileva told her, later, that she remembers how I was 
doing "yoga" on the floor together with Charlie, and that the baby was 
moving and that I said "Baby is also doing yoga". I don't remember this at 
all, and I still can't bear to talk with Mileva about it 

Some time during those days we more-less agreed that "Olivia" is the best 

Tuesday,  15. January 2008, we took Charlie to Anja, to the "speelzal". 
Then I went shopping again, cycling all the way, to Kinkerstraat, and 
back. I felt good. 

In the evening, Camiel and me went to see "Woman in the Dunes" in OT301. I 
fell of the bike justin front of there. I had a shock, but I didn't hurt 
myself, I was going very slow, bike fell on the other side of me, I didn't 
hit the belly, nor did I hit myself anywhere else... 

Still, I was afraid... I tried to feel the baby moving while I was sitting 
there in the cinema, but I could not, or I was not sure. I didn't worry 
much, I tried again, but I explained it as "she can not move on command", 
"I am not relaxed enough to feel her" (altho I fell asleep during the 
movie)... and so I went home and did nothing about it.