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Monday, 21.1. 

I received lots of answers to my email - I had to cry over many of them. 
I made a separate page about [what did other people say] in their answers. 

What suprised me was that many people had the same, or similar experience, 
of losing their child -- I never know it happens so often! 

So now I will be more compasionate about people who are, or were, in the 
same situation; and I will regard as a mirracle every baby, and life in 
general ... 

We were busy making a birth/mourning card for Olivia: Nana was making a 
design, choosing photos with us; we had to come up with the text. We asked 
help from my colleagues in finding the printer but finally we had to ask 
"De Jong" to ask their printers to do it last minute. 

We also had to order a casket -- Bogdan suggested that one of Camiel's 
colleagues should make a proper one, and Camiel wanted to make it himself 
- but of course he didn't have time (Bogdan didn't like the idea of using 
the fruit-box, nor the ordinary wooden box). So we ordered one from "De 
Jong" - the most plain one. Jenno was supposed to bring it on Wednesday, 
just before we leave for the cemetery. 

Camiel had to go and report Olivia in the city hall.