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25.1. (Friday)

We went for a day-trip, in the car, with Nana, Iris & Mileva, to 
Monnikendam and Holysloot; then to Nana's place, where we had dinner, and 
I had a bath. That night I slept good. We borrowed the beamer from the NCC 
(thanks!) but were too tired to watch movies. 

26.1. (Saturday) 

Spent most of the day in bed; went with Camiel and Alisa (in the car) to 
the Amsterdamse Boss, to both manages. Annagot visited in the afternoon. 
I've made the web page on my blog with the songs for Olivia. 

27.1. (Sunday) 


28.1. (Monday) 

Paul came to visit me in the afternoon. And Alisa was playing with a 
friend from school, who lives close to the main library, so we went there 
to pick her up together, and with the little friend went to the library, 
and to the restaurant later. 

29.1. (Tuesday) 

Josephine visited me in the morning. Then Nana & Iris. Camiel picked up 
the wheelchair for me! And we took it out immediately -- to the Ankeveense 
Plassen / Spiegelplas. 

30.1. (Wednesday) 

Went to the geitenboederij with Iris. 

31.1. (Thursday)

Things are moving on -- Bogdan applied for Charlie's prolonged Serbian 
passport (in the embassy in The Hague); it will take about a month, which 
is right on time - then his current one expires. And we got the letter 
from IND that his residence permit is ready - right on time, again, 
because it is valid until tomorrow ;-) The IND was suprisingly fast this 

We went to the Bal-lorig, a plastic-ritch indoor playground with the kids 
(including Iris) - it's a paradise for them ;-) Not so much for us... but 
it was good to do something fun for them, when the weather is so stormy. 

It was storming in the afternoon.