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Week 18-24. February 2008

18.2. Monday 

Today was the first time that I went out to meet up with some friends: 
first I had lunch with Hanno (he has to work 9-5 so that's the only time 
he could have a talk), and then I had a walk in the park with Anagot (she 
thought it's good for me to meet outside the house). And the weather was 
AMAZINGly beautiful - sunny, warm, smelling of Spring... 

Before that hyper-active social contact, I got a lot of touching answers 
to the emails I've sent. But even better then the responses was a relief 
that I felt for finishing that big job: writing up most of the memories; 
making those web pages; and finally answering to all the people who didn't 
hear anything back from me for such a long time. 

Camiel went to work - his first proper job since Olivia was born. I think 
it will do him good, to be "back on track", back in the real world, and 
busy with some things that have to be done... 

And the end of the day was special, too: the kids went to Vivian (to play 
with Kees & Augustus), and later Bogdan took them to Nana, and Mileva went 
to Nana too, so Camiel and me were alone in the house. It was difficult to 
believe: I expected Charlie to jump on us from behind some corner and 
start screaming. But we used our time-off well... 

19.2. Tuesday 

Early in the morning we picked up everyone from Nana's and went with the 
train to - Dolfinarium!!! Oh, it was unbelievable! All those sweet 
animals: seals, dolphins, fishes, and most of all - dolphins! I turned 
into a kid myself, I didn't know where to go and where to look first... We 
stayed the whole day, saw many shows, bought loads of fluffy toys ;-) 
It would have been even better if it was not freezing cold outside :-( 
We had to make lots of breaks in the cafe's and restaurants, to warm up.


20.2. Wednesday

I was cycling today - for the first time in five weeks. I went grocery 
shopping -- all by myself. 

Iris was with us today, and in the evening Nana came to sleep with her at 
our place. Camiel had to work; Merlijn brought Alisa back from school, and 
stayed a bit with Maties. 

21.2. Thursday 

Serge (from EURO-IX) and his 16-months daughter Ella came to visit and to 
play with Charlie in the morning. That was great. 

22.2. Friday

Very productive day... I did a lot of administration and ticking off the 
items from the "to do" list... but, I am still emotionally and 
existentially confused... 

For the most of the day I was alone, so I've also spent a lot of time 
behind the computer, and on-line. Most of it is waste of time, but some 
parts are work, some administration, and some communication with friends. 
Very little is creative, thou... Ah well, maybe later... 

In the evening Cmaiel and me "went out", with Peter, Marina and one more 
girl. We saw the movie Stellet Licht (Silent Light) in Filmuseum. Distressing :-( 

< spoiler ahead! > (because it is about a married men (father of 6!) who falls in love with 
another women; but still stays with his wife, who later dies of heart 
attack... and then becomes alive again when his mistress  gives her a 
kiss!) < /spoiler >

23.2. Saturday & 24.2. Sunday

(didn't write it in time so I don't remember what we did. Camiel went to 
Tecla's birthday party Saturday night, and didn't feel so good the day