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Last week of February: 25.-29.2. (minus weekend) 

Camiel is working this week; Alisa is on vacation from school; Mileva and 
Bogdan are leaving -- so I have little time to write: with taking care of 
the kids, of the house, cooking, and getting back to the social life a bit 
- communicating with friends in the normal way, not only through the 

On Monday we had an appointment in the hospital, for my chek-up, and to 
get results. It was very emotional, but also very disappointing: not that 
only there were no results, but they were very disorganised and didn't 
even collect al the info about possible results we could get (for example, 
there was no mention in my "file" that the X-ray of Oliva was made - let 
alone what the results of it were)! So, in a month again...

On Tuesday I saw Anagot in the morning and Arno in the afternoon. We all 
had dinner at Nana's - a good-bye dinner for Mileva and Bogdan. 

Wednesday and Thursday I made dinners, also for Nana and Iris, who were 
sleeping at our place, to distract the kids of grand-parents being away.  

Also planning to go to Belgrade - either by car or by train - so searching 
for the info on the Internet a lot, and "discussing" with Camiel what the 
best way is... (I found million web sites about it: Travel by train from 
London to Serbia, Belgrade 2.0, Romantic train day-trips from Belgrade, 
Long car trips tips (US), Long car trips tips (HhGTtG)... 

Wednesday was a PhD ceremony for Steph - what an event!! [link] 
Also my first social appearance among HfH - nice to see many familiar 
faces, and to get hugs and kisses from them... 
(unfortunately, too tired to do it again that evening...) 

Thursday I was for the first time taking care of Iris, together with Alsia 
and Charlie -- and n the afternoon we had three more kids visiting, with 
my colleague Olivia - that was fun! Also very busy, and taking a lot of 
attention and concentration (which I lack these days), so I managed to set 
some paper bag on fire on the stove while making popcorn, and make the 
whole kitchen stink of burn ;-) Nothing serious, thou. 


Camiel didn't work - hurray! Still, he is very tired of over-working 
himself to finish the job in four days... 

While he took the kids in the park, I did gazillion official things, and 
the results were not always pleasing: for example, Charlie's passport is 
not ready yet, and without it we cna not plan the date of the trip :( 
I did manage to book the dentist appointment for April, for making a 
bridge.. Funny to be satisfied with that, since that will hurt, take time, 
and cost a lot of money. 

Other bad (?!) news was that Camiel will maybe have no more work in making 
floors... so he has to figure out something else to do for money. 

The main part of the day was the visit of Renske, Alisa's girlfriend from 
school. She came around 11, with her mother, who stayed around, with the 
baby, until about 12 -- and I was supposed to bring Renske home when she 
had enough. Well, I guess she liked it here, because she stayed until 8 in 
the evening!! First she played a lot with Alisa, then they watched some 
movies, then we made clay figures, then more movies, then popcorn, movies, 
puzzle, soup, puzzle, movies, drawing, dinner.. and in the meantime, 
Maties also came for an hour; Camiel and Chalrie slept for about 3 hours, 
and then Cmaiel was running around the shops (though the rain)... The 
dinenr was very noisy, but very dynamic too. I like all this activity, but 
the whole day of it also made me a bit tired.