About me:

* I'm a hacker, member of Amsterdam hackerspace Technologia Incognita
        My projects at hackerspace: T-shirts flags, BookCrossing, Internet Governance and hackers, Hackerspace Tour,
          Hackerspaces Exchange, Hacker in Residence, Ladies Night (bridging the gender gap in tech), MeshNet

* I maintian a community mailing list called UnCivilization: ** Read the archive ** Subscribe **

* I'm a mother: here are the pages about my children: Alisa, Charlie, and Olivia

* My visions:

** Anarchist-Analysis-of-Corona-Crisis-Spring-2020 (March 2020)

** Technical is Political: Ethics in Tech, SHA2017 (2017)

** Commune/Collective Life as an Experiment at Lika Camp (2016)

** Nature is going to have a last word (2014)

** Hackers as tribes can save the world :)

** My article Hackers ethics for the world after collapse from 31st December 2013, for NatureBatsLast blog

** My 2012 publication: "Hackers and philosophers building an utopia together", 1 December 2012, in InternautCookBook by Xs4All

** Reading books is great, sharing them is even better: BookCrossing Shelf

* I work for RIPE NCC as a Community Builder
** (2011-2016) specifically "for Measurements and Tools"
** (2015-2019) I organise hackathons (collaborative coding workshops); I am increasing diversity & inclusion; and I give talks about Ethics in Technology
** (2020) ... with a focus on Sustainability >/a>

* My
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* Twitter: @Ms_Multicolor

* Email: name @ provider

Yearly Updates

2019: A year of Loving-Kindness (end-March 2020)
Letting go of 2018 (December 2018)
* Update 20 August 2018: RIP Bogdan
Year-in-review: 2017 & 1/2 (June 2018)
LikaCamp2016 Report (August 2017)
Year-in-review: 2016 (January 2017)
Year-in-review: 2015 (January 2016)

Profile-photos-mix (2015):

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"Fifty Shirts of Gray"

Some photos that used to be on my blog:

2013's lament: Fotopic is gone; blog at xs4all is gone; I don't use FetLife any more either, nor Dopplr.
Twitter is new, TechInc also.
Orange is out, turoqoise is in :)