Lettter to friends from UnCiv on 6th August 2018

I am very sorry to share these news with you - my father died yesterday.                                           
We were all together in Lika for a week; two days ago we climed the mountain together = Kokerna = and he was       
the strongest & fastest & happiest of us all, surrounded with grandchildren, daughters, friends.. in his           
favourite forest, plucking herbs, replanting wild raspberries...                                                   
Then , the next day, out of the blue, his heart stopped.                                                           
He was 74. He was born in Gubavcevo Polje, and he died there.                                                      
Tomorrow we are bringing him to Belgrade, where he will be burried next to his father -- a refugee from Lika       
It was parttially his love for his village that inspired my own love for Lika, for its wildness and wilderness,    
for its rough beauty.                                                                                              
I was not always having a good relationship with him, but now I am so so sorry he is gone. I miss him already,     
and I regret all the wasted time we have spent in missunderstandngs & fights, instead of connecting.               
I am glad I can share this with you all,                                                                           
it helps me cope now, and possibly to my healing later on.