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How Olivia came to this world, and left too soon

On the 16th January, at 39 weeks of pregnancy - just one more week to go till the due date - I cycled to the regular checkup.

The midwife could not hear baby's heartbeat; I went to the hospital to do an extra check, Camiel joined me, and they confirmed: the baby was dead.

This was such a shock: until then everything was fine, and I didn't feel any changes at all. I wanted to have a Cesarian as soon as possible, but they told me that it's better if I give birth naturally. Still, I didn't want to wait; I wanted to at least induce the delivery -- but the nature was faster.

That same night I got waken up by the contractions, and on the way from my bed to the car I gave birth to Olivia - at home, in the hallway, with only Camiel to help.
We still went to the hospital, where they examined me and Olivia, could not see any reason for her not to be alive -- but it was true, nevertheless.
We left her there, came to say goodbye with family the next day, but later changed our minds and brought her home (we could keep her thanks to the cooling machine).

She was with us for six days, until 23rd, when we had a welcome and good-bye ceremony, and a cremation. Many many friends came to see her, for the first and the last time.

Long and detailed version of the same events